Summer Camp

Who are we? What do we do? What are the results?

We integrate a Christian worldview into all academic subjects. We stress instruction in God's Word and the development of Christ-like character traits.

What makes us unique...

Several teachers have more than 20 years of experience, some with Masters degrees, all with a passion for teaching. Our small classes are organized, colorful, child-oriented and
creative. The small student to teacher ratio allows for maximum one-on-one instruction

How do we do it...

We provide a structured learning environment with loving discipline. Grace Academy is known as a warm, nurturing, orderly, and well-prepared environment where manners and respect are instilled in the students. Employing multi-sensory, individualized learning through the use of manipulatives in the preschool classes, children can see, touch, hear, and work with concrete materials as they learn abstract concepts.

What are the results?

Each child reaches their full academic potential. Students consistently score in a high range on standardized testing. Students master basic learning skills, cultural appreciation, and experiences in the fine arts, all while developing leadership through service projects in our Study Buddies Reading Program, Safety Patrol and Student Council.

We are a small family community where your child can grow with Grace.

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Parenting with Purpose

Julie Hidebrand Parenting with Purpose by Julie Hildebrand. Julie lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, Brody, and their three children, ages 8, 6 and 4. She graduated from Southern Methodist University and worked in national public relations before having children. She is active in her church, she enjoys exercising, reading, gab sessions with girlfriends, speaking on topics such as marriage and family, and she enjoys writing for The Dallas Morning News' Briefing Mom's Panel.