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Procedures and Forms

Online Admissions Application: CLICK HERE TO APPLY!



o  Signed and dated DOCTRINAL STATEMENT AGREEMENT found in the Admissions Application

       Application cannot be processed without this signed agreement on file with the school.

o  $150 Application Fee (Non-refundable)

o  New Student Application Forms (To be completed by parents and student)

o  Student Recommendation Forms

      (To be completed and mailed to Grace Academy of Dallas by current school administration)

o  Copies of most recent academic achievement tests or conference reports

o  Copies of report cards or parent/teacher conference reports from the past 16-months*

o  Copy of child’s Birth Certificate

                                                                                    * Not required for K3 applicants


5.      Participate in the Parent/Family Interview and Student Interview. 

The Admissions Department will contact parents to schedule this interview following receipt of all required application documents (shown above)

6.      Student Applicant Testing / Screening

o   Preschool and Kindergarten: On-site testing assists in determining the child’s readiness for Grace Academy’s academic program. Children are assessed without parents being present. The readiness assessment is approximately one hour in duration.

Potty Trained Policy – Children entering K3 and K4 must demonstrate mastery of potty training, and be capable of executing age-appropriate hygiene and self-care skills.

o   First through Sixth Grade: Achievement testing in the areas of reading, math and other assessment areas provide the school with insight regarding the child’s capabilities and readiness. This on-site testing is approximately 2 ½ hours in duration. Upon completion and scoring of the testing, the school makes a determination as to the student’s ability to work within Grace Academy’s grade level expectations.


7.     Upon completion of all Admissions Application Procedures, parents will be notified in writing of the school’s decision for their child’s acceptance to Grace Academy of Dallas. When a child is accepted, the enrollment process is initiated.


Age Requirements for Pre-K through First Grade Enrollment

Preschool applicants (K3 and K4) must be three or four years old on or before September 1.

Kindergarten (K5) applicants must be five years old on or before September 1.

First Grade applicants must be six years old on or before September 1.





At least one parent or legal guardian must be a believer and proclaim that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Lord. The family must agree to support the Mission, Core Values, Code of Ethics, Philosophy of Education, and the Doctrinal Statement of Grace Academy of Dallas. The family must also agree to maintain a biblical lifestyle in the home and demonstrate evidence of their desire for and commitment to Christian education for the child. And as age-appropriate the child must express a desire to attend Grace Academy of Dallas.


Student records that are shared with Grace Academy of Dallas must provide evidence of academic potential, satisfactory past performance, healthy attendance patterns, and a positive discipline history.


Shared test scores, and those administered to the student by Grace Academy of Dallas, must demonstrate achievement in grade-level academics of 50% or higher, based on current standardized or nationally normed tests. Grace Academy of Dallas reserves the right to assign an applicant to the grade level that seems most appropriate for the student.


Acceptance for Admission to Grace Academy of Dallas is conditional upon space availability. Returning students, qualified siblings of current students, and students whose parent is a member of the school faculty or staff are considered and given FIRST PRIORITY ENROLLMENT. After enrollment of FIRST PRIORITY students, enrollment is then offered to newly admitted students (commonly referred to as “Open Enrollment.”) In the event a child has applied for “Immediate Enrollment” and is accepted for admission, the student will be enrolled in the school provided space is available. If space is not available for immediate enrollment, the student will be given priority enrollment above new non-sibling students who applied for the following school year and were accepted.